“What do you do?”

I am a spiritual midwife: I listen to your words and your body. I ask God to bring me images, sounds, smells and memories of what you are experiencing beyond your spoken words.

I listen even more deeply for the responses that would be most helpful, most healing in the moment. I trust my intuition and the messages I hear.  I honor what comes to me and consider it carefully.  It might be a deep sacred silence, a touch, looking away, inviting prayer, breathing with, singing a song, offering a blessing, inquiring for more, writing your experience as I hear it as your poem/prayer, listening for or inviting an image from the mundane to the divine, or asking for more information…There is no formula.

I am a spiritual midwife.  We co-create rituals that help you deepen and honor the turning moments in your life.  We explore together where you are turning towards that which opens you to something new, or away from something that you no longer need.  Whether it be a child, animal, house, body, moment, or whether it be a separation, a death, a transformation. We honor, celebrate, grieve, deepen.

I am a spiritual midwife, I help you remember your own wisdom, traditions, music.  I help you remember your own poetry, your own words, your own hope.  Your breath.  I help you remember when remembering feels impossible.

I am a spiritual midwife.  We do this all in the name of Healing. Thank you for allowing me to join you during this precious time.

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4 Responses to “What do you do?”

  1. Julie Nesnansky says:

    Chaya, thank you for who you are and what you do ~ and what you write and share. OXOXO


  2. Sharon Grodin says:

    Wonderful, Chaya.


  3. Laurel Z. says:

    Wow. Yes. I want exactly this when it’s time. In sickness and in health, too, actually. I think a big fear during this time, if hospitalized, is that this deeply supportive opportunity will not be available to us or our loved ones. Thank you!


    • chayagusfield says:

      This is also what I do as a spiritual director, spiritual leader, rabbi, not just chaplain. this is available to you now…


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